100 Hours of Code – Hour 4

Github Tracking

Hour 4 is a continuation of working on the song lyric site. This was just some song updates. However, this was an odd one, as I wasn’t using my home computer to do this – I was coding using notepad++ on my DJ computer (during a long day of DJing where I didn’t have to do much other than keep the playlist playing!)

Added the following songs:
All Summer Long * Centerfold * Footloose * Blue Ain’t Your Color * Fat Bottomed Girls * Hurt So Good * Love Shack * ROCK in the USA * Rocky Mountain Way * Taking Care of Business * Tennessee Whiskey

I should get some time later today to add more songs and do Hour 5 (that’s the goal) – I still have at least 18 more songs to do!

TTG Lyrics Site

Until next time…

Never B Flat, Sometimes B Sharp, Always B Natural

Where, oh where, has MusicalCoder gone???

The month of October has slipped on by, and me without a single blog post… whatsupwiththat?!?!

I’m going to make the effort (attempt at least) to blog every day this month… we’ll see how that works!

More soon!