Back – and better than ever!

So I sort of stopped my ‘summer of code’ and 100 Days of coding, as I was having problems staying into it, and I realized that I wasn’t enjoying it, as I was working on things I wasn’t interested in and felt like I was forcing myself into it… so I stepped back…

Things are slightly tumultuous at work, so I decided it was time to write again, on stuff I wanted to write about, and on projects I want to work on!

I’m going to try to keep each post separate and worth reading on a single topic… so I’m going to sign off on this one for now!

More Soon!

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Once again, it’s another installment of JACU (or Just Another Computing Update)!

HackerRank: I currently have 1577.91 points, and am ranked 793. That means I’ve earned 570 points, and risen 698 ranks! Not bad. I’m almost through regex in python (of which there will be a couple of posts for)

CodeWars: I’m currently at 5kyu with 154 honor points, and am ranked # 10923 [93%]. I’ve increased 1 kyu, and 63 honor, as well as risen 8374 ranks (and 10%). I’m going to work on these a bit more as well.

CheckIO: I’m currently level 9, with 543/750. I completed the last 2 puzzles in Home, as well as finished Elementary, and have started on O’Reilly. There are some puzzles that are locked, since I’m not a paying member… I’ll think about remedying that…

CodeEval: I’m currently at 70 points – but haven’t completed the challenge, as they don’t tell you what is wrong, so I’m not sure where the bug is in my submission (I get the correct answer on my system), so I’ve sort of stalled on this one… I’ll be coming back to it soon.

Project Euler: Using HackerRank’s Project Euler contest, I’m ranked 1307th/48187, so that’s a good increase of 1608 ranks, and about 5000 more contestants joined, so I’m going strong here. I’m currently working on Project #23 (which has been solved on the PE site, just having an issue solving 1 test case, and not getting any help on the details…

So that is where I’m at! I will be blogging about my daily programmer exercises, once they are closed!

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Never B Flat, Sometimes B Sharp, Always B Natural

September 2016 Infodump (and October as well…)

As I stated, I’m doing monthly updates (at least when I post during the month – which is why this is October as well, since there were NO October posts – shame on me…). Again, as I have had no visitors (that I can tell) and I’m not promoting or selling anything, so there is no income – this will just be a goals update!

My September 2016 Goals were:

  1. 10 blog posts
  2. 8 comments on other blogs

So, let’s see how I did…

So only roughly 60% of my goals were met…

I will work harder on making those goals…

So, for November, I’m not changing anything… My goals are:

  1. 10 blog posts
  2. 8 comments on other blogs

Until next time!
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So – I’m going to name these Program Testing updates (or coding updates) JACU – for Just Another Coding Update… in honor of Blue Thunder’s JAFO… {google it}

As I start participating in any other sites, I’ll be logging information here… I’ve done reddit’s daily programming once or twice, and I might be signing up for stack exchange’s Code Golf soon… but I’ll have to review it as it seems like something I might not be interested in…

But for now… I digress…

So, we’ll just go down the list… Since my last update, here is where I stand…


  • I’m in the 4th Percentile in Algorithm’s – Haven’t done any of these since I completed the initial trek – focusing on…
  • Python: 1007.91 points (boosted by doing 1 partial contest), with a rank of 1491… I’ve completed Introduction, Basic Data Types, Strings, Sets, Math, Itertools, & Collections
  • Week of Code #23: I took part, and did some, but it was a bit beyond me… but still placed 2642nd/10494 [or top 25%]… I’ll probably try a few of their simpler contests to get a better feel, then do more of these!

  • 6 kyu (still) – although I’m about 90% finished with level 6
  • 91 Honor points
  • Honor Position # 19297 [83%]

  • Level 6: 177/235
  • Home: 110 pts – 53% completed… The last 2 are moderate and challenging rated, and moderate is re-writing min/max functions… for me, that is a couple of hours spent on this 1 test… so I’ll wait until I feel more comfortable with args. However, I’ve unlocked O’Reilly, Scientific, Elementary, & Electronic Station.
  • Elementary: 60 pts – 50% completed

  • I literally just confirmed my account – so I don’t have anything here yet… will start either later today or tomorrow!
    Project Euler:

  • I’ve finished the first 13 puzzles
  • using HackerRank’s ProjectEuler contest, I’m ranked 2925th/43394

So there is my progress since I last checked in with my coding challenges!

Until next time!

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August 2016 Infodump!

So – something I felt wise to incorporate was a monthly update on what has transpired on my blog. Not so much links, as just how many posts, viewership, etc. This is based on Kara Bentz’ Boho Berry blog, which I follow due to her insights on using Bullet Journal. (Which I will blog about in my tools blog upcoming). But she does a monthly Traffic and Income Report (check out her August 2016 report here), and I thought this was a brilliant idea, so I’m stealing it and incorporating it into my blog. As this is a report on month 1, I don’t have any traffic, nor do I advertise or sell anything, so I don’t have any income… But I can still list what my goals were, how I did, and what my next month’s goals are. So here we go!

    To start with, my goals for August were:

  1. 9 blog posts
  2. 4 comments on other blogs

My # of blog posts goal is based on my desire to have 2 blog posts / week avg (104 per year) + 1 monthly update (12 more) + 1 Quarterly update (4 more) + 1 Annual Goal Review (done very near to Jan 1) which should put me at a minimum of 121 posts per year… This goal will help me towards making a meaningful push towards relevance. 9 comes from each Monday & Thursday in the month (which are my target posting days). Since I started the blog in late July (1 post simply announcing the blog), there was no reason to have a monthly review.

My comments on other blogs is based on my desire to help get my name (Musical Coder) out there, so I find other tech blogs, and try to make meaningful comments on them. That will also help links on other sites to get some people to my blog. When I create my tools blog, I will tell you what other blogs I pay attention to and ‘subscribe’ too.

So, now that I’ve stated what my goals were, lets see how I did:

So I can definitely say both goals met!

So with all of that out of the way, it’s time to announce my September goals!

  1. 10 blog posts (9 Mon/Thur posts + 1 monthly update (that would be this one))
  2. 8 comments on other blogs (I’m shooting for 2 a week avg, and once I consistently hit that, I’ll bump to 3 a week)

So there we go… goals to shoot for!

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