New Storage/Work Drive

So I have a new computer that I never brought up (I’ve had it about 6 months, but again, never posted the new specs here – I’ll be doing that soon as well!) and I’ve got 2 SSDs in it (smallish for me – 240GB each) which one is root, and the other is home… But I’ve recently installed a 3TB 7200RPM Hard drive to use for storage and work space (I’ll keep downloads and other files on it so as not to waste space on the SSD)…

I wanted to write down how I did it for future reference, and to let anyone else know how it was done!

So first, we format the drive! I opened my terminal and did the following:
lsblk – which showed me I have a sda1/2 (swap and root), sdb1 (home) and sdc with nothing (unmounted).

So from there, I did the following:

sudo parted -s -a optimal /dev/sdc mklabel gpt
sudo parted -s -a optimal /dev/sdc mkpart primary 0% 100%
sudo mkfs.xfs /dev/sdc1

The first line configured my new hard drive to use GPT (since it’s 3TB, and msdos label won’t work).
The second line then made the partition as a primary partition, and then used the full amount of the hard drive.
The third link then formatted it as an XFS file system.

The next thing we’ll want to do is set it so that it auto mounts up on booting up (just like root and home do) so to do that, we’ll need to modify fstab – but before doing that, we’ll want to use the uuid of the hard drive – so that the system will ALWAYS mount just this hard drive to the specific location (which I should probably create as well).

sudo blkid
sudo mkdir /mnt/storage
sudo vim /etc/fstab

And then I simply added
UUID=[blkid] /mnt/storage xfs defaults 0 0
to my fstab file.

After rebooting, I now had my storage drive… Then I just need to do the following:

sudo mkdir /mnt/data/musicalcoder
sudo chown musicalcoder:musicalcoder /mnt/data/musicalcoder
sudo chmod 700 /mnt/data/musicalcoder

Then I can simply copy which folders I want from my home directory to my new storage drive, and then create a symbolic link to the new location in my home directory… I’ll use Downloads as an example…

mv -v ~/Downloads /mnt/data/musicalcoder/
ln -s /mnt/data/musicalcoder/Downloads ~/Downloads

Simply do that for each of the folders I wish to have on the storage drive (which for me were Downloads, Music, Videos, and Work), and voila!!!

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How I installed Ubuntu-Mate 16.04.1

The post is a walkthrough on how I installed Ubuntu-Mate 16.04.1… It wasn’t a very difficult process, but for those who are new to Linux, it may prove useful to you…

First, I downloaded the .iso image from Ubuntu Mate. I downloaded the 64-bit version, but I’m also using it on my Raspberry Pi 2, so I’ve downloaded it for that as well… I download it via torrent, to not suck up the paid for bandwidth by Ubuntu, plus I leave it available for a few days seeding to help the community… I followed the instructions here to create a microSD card to install with… (or on in the case of the Raspberry Pi)…

For the computer installations, I just plugged it in to my USB drive, and booted my computer up, and once in the graphical environment, I chose to Install Ubuntu-Mate…

Now, before I get into the nitty-gritty of the install choices and selections, let me tell you about my PC. I am currently using a Dell Inspiron 530 (Built in June 2008 – so a ‘Vista’ Machine that is 8 years old). It’s an Intel Core 2 Quad (Q6600) @ 2.4Ghz, with 8GB of Ram (max I can install). I added to it a Gigabit ethernet card, as well as an nVidia GeForce GTX650 video card. I also installed 2 Crucial 240GB SSDs that I use as my root and home folders. There is also an external USB BluRay drive. I will eventually build a new PC, but this works well for now!

But I digress…

In the install process, I selected to Download Updates, and to Install 3rd Party software by default. I then set up my hard drives by selected Something Else, and then configured my first SSD (sda) with 2 partitions, sda1 which is an 8GB swap partitions, and then the rest of that drive as an XFS partition (sda2) that mounts as the root (/) folder. I made the second drive an single XFS partition (sdb1) that mounts as the home folder (/home). I then set the boot loader to sda. I note this, because I swap these every new install (which basically means, when I install 16.10 in a few months, I will make sdb the swap and root partitions, and sda the home partition.) I do this to alleviate wear and tear on a single drive, as I do way more writing data to the home drive, than I do to the root partition.

Next, I select New York as my time zone, and English as my keyboard and language options. I then name my computer (musicalcoder), my username (chris), my password (password… just kidding) and then wait for the system to finish setting up my computer. After that, I reboot.

The first thing I do after rebooting is to update the video drivers. This is highly important for me, as I’m using a SEIKI 39″ 4K TV as my monitor, and it sets at 3840×2160, and the fonts are almost illegible until the nVidia driver is installed. After the driver install and reboot, my monitor looks beautiful! I do this, so that I have 4 distinct portions of my screen, and with Ubuntu-Mate, I’m able to use Ctrl-Alt-NumPad 1/3/7/9 to automatically move a window to the four quadrants of the screen, ‘maximized’ for that size (meaning each window is 1280×1024)

After that, I do my customizing! When Welcome comes up after my reboot, I turn on the Subscribe to Updates, so my Software Boutique always has the latest available! I set my background (which I’ll describe in a new post someday), and change my preferences to use Mutiny (which is a take on Ubuntu), since I have such a large monitor, that is ‘widescreen’, I like having the ‘task bar/icon bar’ on the left side of the screen. I then run my updates and get the latest versions of all my internal software.

That’s basically it. I’ll keep a ‘My Linux Rig’ post updated with everything I install, software-wise, but this is the actual installation of Ubuntu-Mate.

Thanks for stopping by and spending a moment of your precious time reading my musings, I do greatly appreciate it! I hope you find it useful! Leave any comments if you have questions about why I do what I do, or suggestions of what you would do differently!

Inspiration: The Show Must Go On – Queen
Never B Flat, Sometimes B Sharp, Always B Natural

My Linux Rig… Master Edition!

One of the blogs I follow is My Linux Rig, and one of the things I’ve wanted to do was write down (for future reference) my linux set up, mainly so that I know, in future update installs (16.10 and beyond) how my computer is configured…

I’m currently using Ubuntu-Mate 16.04.1. You can read about how I installed said Linux Distro in my How I installed Ubuntu-Mate 16.04.1 post.

I am using the following software… (this is what I install that differs from the default installation) [I’m breaking this down into 2 sections… The first section are the normal repository programs I installed (which I will create a script to install for future reinstalls)] {Last Updated 11/25/2016}
Ubuntu Mate Repository (uses apt install)

  • ttf-mscorefonts-installer
  • vim
  • python3
  • python-pip
  • git
  • hplip-gui

3rd Party (either by DownLoading directly, using the Software Boutique, or adding a PPA to install)

  • Chrome (SB)
  • PyCharm (DL)
  • Clipgrab (PPA)

My goal here is as I add more software, I’ll create new posts explaining what I installed and why I chose it, and then updating this list. I’ll also add any tools/scripts I create here as well (and up to my git location (either github or my own hosted gitlab)) so that I’ll eventually simply have 1 place that has all of the software I use and scripts I run, so that should I ever update or change computers/distros, I know what I have installed!


I noticed I had been closing my posts with Until Next Time… and I was fine with that, until I noticed that John Somnez ( did the same, and I realized that is where I had gotten it from… Not that I mind doing that, and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if I did the same (although maybe he would… I didn’t ask) but I figured I wanted to come up with my own… Also, I had realized that I had started to title my posts with a lyrics or a song title, but decided to not do that, as I wanted the post title to mean more to new visitors (as well as analytics and such for future concerns), so I decided that I’ll close my posts with a song title!!!

We Said Hello Goodbye – Phil Collins

Never B Flat, Sometimes B Sharp, Always B Natural

And I’m gonna keep on loving you…

Lyrics from Keep on Loving You – REO Speedwagon 1980…

So, just dropping a quick line… I switched back to Ubuntu-Mate 16.04.1… from SolusOS really for a couple of reasons, none of which should stop you from trying it, but for me, it wasn’t quite ready…

I had issues with printing, and while i’m sure they will get the print driver installers fixed soon (I did update a bug report for an already existing ‘create print driver’ bug), I need to print today, and can’t really wait for it.

There are a few other projects that I want to use that they haven’t gotten finished yet (they are working on), but I wanted them available today…

So I went back to Ubuntu-Mate, and updated to 16.04.1 (and will jump to 16.10 to stay on top of the salient features).  So far I’m very happy with it.

I have my python environment (PyCharm) set up, and got my printer set up, and even got my FreeNAS box connected via NFS (maybe Monday’s how to story…)  But I wanted to update you on why I’m not using SolusOS right now… I’ll probably try again in the future, but for now I’m with Ubuntu-Mate…

Until next time…

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Are you ready… Are you ready for this?

The title is from Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”, from their Album “The Game”, released in 1980…

So today, I’m going to cover a couple of topics…

First of which, is my next blogging lesson, which covered consistency…  All I’m going to say, is that if you don’t have a blog, you should start writing one…  If you have no idea how, or want some advice, go to John Somnez’s Simple Programmer blog, and sign up (for FREE)… it’s worth it!

So in the spirit of consistency, I’ve decided, for now at least (meaning at least the next few months, but probably longer) to blog twice a week… Monday’s and Thursdays.

Second, my Linux journey.  I decided, as part of my learning process on linux, to try a new distribution. Last night, I installed SolusOS on my main machine. The install was fairly simple, and after updating and installing the provided nVidia graphics driver, it looks nice and clean on my 39″ 4K display (again, thank you John Somnez). After this blog post, I’ll go through and install PyCharm (the python IDE i’m using while learning Python). As I do more (and I’m planning on becoming a code contributor to them, as I get more comfortable), I will of course share my exploration with you…

Also, the fist project I’ll be coding in Python is my author finder… There are several ‘fan fiction’ sites where amateur authors write various stories… and some of these authors, I feel, are really good… so I want to make a python script that goes to these fan fiction sites, look up the author’s page, and let me know if there have been any new stories published by them since I last checked.  (Yes, I know about RSS – but some of these sights don’t allow RSS just for specific authors… I don’t care about every story that’s been published)  I’ll have a future post that covers this in more detail as I write it (maybe Monday’s)…

I’m also returning to gaming, and started running a social game (yes, Dungeons & Dragons 5e) with my friends.  I haven’t gamed/played since 2007 (right about when 4e came out), so I’m enjoying my return.  But as I design my homebrew world, I’ll be designing some personal tools to allow me to make running games simpler (or at least setting up the sessions simpler)…

Where do I find the time to do all this, you ask??? I stopped watching TV, pretty much altogether. Between Hulu / Netflix / Amazon / GooglePlay / straight out purchase, if I ever feel the need to ‘catch up’ on shows, I can… but I find by giving up TV, I have about an extra 20+ hours a week to read an hour a day, and do other things… (and honestly, during the summer hiatus when there are no new episodes coming out, I find that after a couple of weeks, I’m not missing them so this could be a permanent solution…)

Well, I think that is gonna do it for today…  so until next time…

Sometimes B Sharp, Never B Flat, Always B Natural