100 Days of Code – Hour 5

Github Tracking

Hour 5 is final main push on the song lyric site. Again – it was just adding songs. However, its one of those things you learn with programming is that sometimes its not all fun and games. Sometimes you have to slog through work, even the very boring stuff. A lot of these songs, once I got the templates up, were just copying the lyrics in and formatting them so they fit on my screen properly (tablet), and then updating the index.html to show that song option.

There are more things I’ll eventually want to do with this. But I believe now that this is 1.0 is done, so to speak, I only have to add new songs as the band adds new songs (which are only a few a month if that). I may want to add some set list capabilities (where I can go in and list each set’s songs, and then have a button that would take me to all unlisted songs). But that is a future option (although since the idea just sort of popped in my head, I’ll pause for a minute to go log it to git hub… be right back…)

There, I’m back… relatively painless!!!

So anyways, I’ve added the following songs:
Basket Case * Don’t Stop Believin’ * Feel Like Makin’ Love * Hang On Sloopy * In My Dreams * Learn To Fly * The One I Love * Turn Me Loose * You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth

My next project is programmatically going through my collection of Karaoke and getting it cleaned and organized!

TTG Lyrics Site

Until next time…

Never B Flat, Sometimes B Sharp, Always B Natural