100 Hours of Code – Hour 3

Github Tracking

Hour 3 came and I continued to work on the song lyric site. This time added a few songs (see below) but more importantly, modified the blank song template for spacing, then created a new variable.js file that holds the blank song template bit, so that I would only have to change these settings in one location in the future (instead of having to go back and touch each song). But of course, it required me to go and touch each song this first time to get them configured using this new variable template.

Added the following songs:
The More I Drink * Some Kind Of Wonderful * Margaritaville * Seven Bridges Road

I should get some time tomorrow to add more work and do Hour 4 (that’s the goal) – I still have at least 25 more songs to do!

TTG Lyrics Site

Until next time…

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