100 Hours of Code – Hour 2

Github Tracking

So – for hour 2 I added 10 more songs to the site, plus fixed some CSS as short titles caused the buttons to look different. It’s an internal site (so no public facing) – it’s mainly used for my tablet for live shows… Sometimes we’ll pull a song we didn’t practice or we’ve modified, but have to do the original, so having quick easy access to lyrics is very convenient!

Added the following songs:
Billie Jean * Faith * Get Over It * Honkytonk Woman * Jessie’s Girl * Long Train Running * Shut Up and Dance * Tie Your Mother Down * Turning Japanese * What I Like About You

The other thing was did this in PyCharm – working more in my IDE of choice for Python. I also spent some time watching the PyCharm training course from TalkPython! I really like the way Michael Kennedy does these videos! It’s a quality training.

Hopefully I’ll get some time tomorrow to add more work and do Hour 3 (that’s the goal) – but because I have a gig, that may not be possible. If not, Sunday I will have time to do more on this project. Off the top of my head, I still have at least 28 more songs to do!

TTG Lyrics Site

Until next time…

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