So here comes 2018!

So – lots of goals for 2018, and I feel like I’ve let 2017 slip away a bit. One of the first things I plan on doing is restarting the 100 Days of Code – but focusing on Python. I have several python projects I want to work on, and plan on incorporating these into the 100 days of code!

    Some of the projects I want to work on are:

  1. Karaoke / Music Tracking DB
  2. Comic Book / Magic Card Website
  3. Money/Budget Tracker
  4. D&D DM Management System

I am sure this list will expand as I start working on things more and more, and as I complete some of these projects…

I also plan on visiting all of my training sites (HackerRank / CheckIO / CodeWars / CodeEval / ProjectEuler) and revisit and do more updates on these!

My true goal is to actually get past 100 Days, and just keep at it!!!

I’ll post more on New Year’s Day!

Until Then…

Never B Flat, Sometimes B Sharp, Always B Natural