100 Days of Coding – Day 4

My 100 Days of Code Repository

Today I spent some time refreshing myself on Python dictionaries, and laid out a design_blank_character function, that basically builds a blank character for all the needed info, into a dictionary of dictionaries.

By doing this, I’ll be able to keep the character in memory, and print out multiple pdf pages by choice (lets say I have a pdf for the players, and a pdf for me, the DM) if I choose to do a non FG session!

Today did take me a little bit to get into the flow, but once I did, I felt good, and didn’t actually stop until after midnight! All in all, a good coding session!

Until tomorrow!

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100 Days of Coding – Day 3

My 100 Days of Code Repository

Another short blog post – still working on the same program. Started making changes to help readability of code – as well as I realized there are a couple of PDFs I could create – so I’m going to be modifying the xml pull process to store in variables, instead of loading the PDF string automatically.

But another day of coding done!!

Never B Flat, Sometimes B Sharp, Always B Natural

100 Days of Coding – Day 2

My 100 Days of Code Repository

So day 2 finds me continuing to work on this Fantasy Grounds project (continuing from Day 1). This looks like it may take a few days to code it all out (depening on how many days I put more than an hour in!)

I’m happy with myself from the standpoint that I haven’t had to look to the web too often to refresh my python skill, since I hadn’t used it much recently. I realize I’m going to have to think about what I want to do with this once its completely working… right now it’ll only work for me as I’m ‘hard’ coding certain directories and such.

I think, when I’m done with it completely, I might turn it into a web app and host it so others could use it to make their d&d stuff… maybe even ask for a contribution!

Which of course, will force me to learn how to make python web apps!!!

Onwards and Upwards!

Until tomorrow!

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100 Days of Coding – Day 1

So – the first project I’ve added to my 100 days of coding is a pdf maker! Not that type of pdf maker…

I am a geek/nerd/moniker of choice, and as such, am an avid Dungeon Master for DnD! As such, I purchased a program called Fantasy Grounds that I’ve started using to manage my campaigns. However, I’m also currently playing face to face, and as such, wanted to be able to track my players characters and print out sheets for them!

While Fantasy Grounds is great at tracking – it’s pretty lousy at print the character sheet. But, they provide an export to xml for your characters, so I decided to make a python program that will read this xml file, and make an fdf file that I can then merge into the standard DnD 5E character sheet.

I did some research, found the additional programs I need to make this happen, and have gotten started. You can check out my github page for my progress My Fantasy Grounds PDF Maker GitHub

Until tomorrow…

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100 Days of Coding — Day 0

So I’ve sort of let life and work take me by storm, and haven’t written anything on here in months… which is a shame, as I’ve bought a new computer, installed Ubuntu-Mate as well as a new python install, all of which I should be posting about…

But I recently read an article here about coding for 100 days in a row, and I really wanted to make an effort to do this – to not only improve myself, but also make a stronger effort to learn various programming algorithms and languages.

So – for day 0, I spent the time learning git – and made a couple of commits to a project I was using, and had made changes to on my local system – but hadn’t been using git for… so I changed that… forked the repo, cloned it to my PC, made the modifications in 2 separate branches, and then commited said changes and made pull requests…

All that was a bit of a process as I had to set up SSH key for GitHub and what not – but it worked out at the end of the day…

I have several projects in mind, as well as working on freeCodeCamp as well…

Here is hoping the next 100 days are eventful! (At least for programming!)
Never B Flat, Sometimes B Sharp, Always B Natural