100 Days of Coding – Day 21

My 100 Days of Code Repository * My FantasyGrounds XML to PDF converter Repo * My freeCodeCamp account page link * https://codepen.io/MusicalCoder/pen/jwGYgg

21 Days Down… 79 More to go… With that said…

Today I’ve worked on more freeCodeCamp, starting Challenge 119, which is building a tribute page on codepen.io. I have this started, and mostly done. I’ll do a few more items on it, and then be ready to say i’ve completed it.

I’ve also completed issue #3 on my Fantasy Grounds XML to PDF converter. But also found another bug and logged it!

I plan on adding some additional exercises in for working on python work, mainly from CodeWars, CheckIO, CodeEval, and ProjectEuler… I’ve sort of become very disappointed with HackerRank, as a) they haven’t updated a lot of their python stuff from legacy python, and b) some of their puzzles aren’t explained well.

Until tomorrow…

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