100 Days of Code – Day 20

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So – I’ve completed 20% of this challenge. Unfortunately, as I’ve noted in my 100 Days of Code repo, Saturdays are horrible for me to code, as my time commitments on Saturdays are basically full all waking hours. So until I have some decent free time on Saturdays (more than 15-20 minutes at a time), I’ll be exempting Saturdays from my 100 Days commitment.

With that said…

Today I’ve worked on more freeCodeCamp, completing the intro to jQuery section, and now have 117 challenges completed. I’ve also started tracking ‘bugs’ and ‘feature requests’ for my FantasyGrounds XML to PDF converter, and today completed issue #2, and posted that.

Feel accomplished.

I plan on adding some additional exercises in for working on python work, mainly from CodeWars, CheckIO, CodeEval, and ProjectEuler… I’ve sort of become very disappointed with HackerRank, as a) they haven’t updated a lot of their python stuff from legacy python, and some of their puzzles aren’t explained well.

Until tomorrow…

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