100 Days of Coding – Day 18

I wanted to switch things up just a bit – so I jumped into Free Code Camp. I wanted to brush up on my Full Stack Web Design – and since I especially have no Node.js experience, this is going to give me a certificate and some skills in several technologies.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not stopping my python learning… this will be going in addition to it…

Today I ripped through the entire HTML/CSS course – but admittedly, I knew it already – so it was just me going through it to mark it off… but on the same token – it helped typing it in and getting it to stick a little more in the front of my mind.

My next bit will be working for a bit in freeCodeCamp, and also working on finishing the Fantasy Grounds XML > PDF program. What I’m going to do with that is add some functionality to:

  1. copy the xml files from my linux wine folder to a temp folder
  2. get the list of xml files
  3. run each file through the converter for pdfs

But this also means I’ll have to spend some time actually putting the characters into fantasy grounds… so that will also be part of the process… gonna do 1 character a day, starting tomorrow (well technically today, since it’s after midnight… but after I wake up and go to work!)

In honor of Adam West
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