100 Days of Coding – Day 1

So – the first project I’ve added to my 100 days of coding is a pdf maker! Not that type of pdf maker…

I am a geek/nerd/moniker of choice, and as such, am an avid Dungeon Master for DnD! As such, I purchased a program called Fantasy Grounds that I’ve started using to manage my campaigns. However, I’m also currently playing face to face, and as such, wanted to be able to track my players characters and print out sheets for them!

While Fantasy Grounds is great at tracking – it’s pretty lousy at print the character sheet. But, they provide an export to xml for your characters, so I decided to make a python program that will read this xml file, and make an fdf file that I can then merge into the standard DnD 5E character sheet.

I did some research, found the additional programs I need to make this happen, and have gotten started. You can check out my github page for my progress My Fantasy Grounds PDF Maker GitHub

Until tomorrow…

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