So – I’m going to name these Program Testing updates (or coding updates) JACU – for Just Another Coding Update… in honor of Blue Thunder’s JAFO… {google it}

As I start participating in any other sites, I’ll be logging information here… I’ve done reddit’s daily programming once or twice, and I might be signing up for stack exchange’s Code Golf soon… but I’ll have to review it as it seems like something I might not be interested in…

But for now… I digress…

So, we’ll just go down the list… Since my last update, here is where I stand…


  • I’m in the 4th Percentile in Algorithm’s – Haven’t done any of these since I completed the initial trek – focusing on…
  • Python: 1007.91 points (boosted by doing 1 partial contest), with a rank of 1491… I’ve completed Introduction, Basic Data Types, Strings, Sets, Math, Itertools, & Collections
  • Week of Code #23: I took part, and did some, but it was a bit beyond me… but still placed 2642nd/10494 [or top 25%]… I’ll probably try a few of their simpler contests to get a better feel, then do more of these!

  • 6 kyu (still) – although I’m about 90% finished with level 6
  • 91 Honor points
  • Honor Position # 19297 [83%]

  • Level 6: 177/235
  • Home: 110 pts – 53% completed… The last 2 are moderate and challenging rated, and moderate is re-writing min/max functions… for me, that is a couple of hours spent on this 1 test… so I’ll wait until I feel more comfortable with args. However, I’ve unlocked O’Reilly, Scientific, Elementary, & Electronic Station.
  • Elementary: 60 pts – 50% completed

  • I literally just confirmed my account – so I don’t have anything here yet… will start either later today or tomorrow!
    Project Euler:

  • I’ve finished the first 13 puzzles
  • using HackerRank’s ProjectEuler contest, I’m ranked 2925th/43394

So there is my progress since I last checked in with my coding challenges!

Until next time!

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