But I digress…

First – much respect to bloggers who blog on a regular basis… its very easy to let life get in the way of your ‘scheduled’ blogging time!

Now, on with the show!

I figured this would be a short topic on ‘What I learned this week’ – or for me, this month!

I seem to be the type of person that needs lists to get things done… so I’ve been researching Bullet Journal as well as following Kara Benz on BohoBerry regarding her Bullet Journal 101.

I ordered my notebook (which should be here tomorrow) and I’ll review the system, once I get it into place! (Which will probably be the rest of the week).

I’m also writing an update post on the various programming exercise sites I’ve been using, and what my status is on each site – just to track and inform!

This feels like a short one today – but I’ll be posting that programming update, so I’m okay with it!

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