My Linux Rig… Master Edition!

One of the blogs I follow is My Linux Rig, and one of the things I’ve wanted to do was write down (for future reference) my linux set up, mainly so that I know, in future update installs (16.10 and beyond) how my computer is configured…

I’m currently using Ubuntu-Mate 16.04.1. You can read about how I installed said Linux Distro in my How I installed Ubuntu-Mate 16.04.1 post.

I am using the following software… (this is what I install that differs from the default installation) [I’m breaking this down into 2 sections… The first section are the normal repository programs I installed (which I will create a script to install for future reinstalls)] {Last Updated 11/25/2016}
Ubuntu Mate Repository (uses apt install)

  • ttf-mscorefonts-installer
  • vim
  • python3
  • python-pip
  • git
  • hplip-gui

3rd Party (either by DownLoading directly, using the Software Boutique, or adding a PPA to install)

  • Chrome (SB)
  • PyCharm (DL)
  • Clipgrab (PPA)

My goal here is as I add more software, I’ll create new posts explaining what I installed and why I chose it, and then updating this list. I’ll also add any tools/scripts I create here as well (and up to my git location (either github or my own hosted gitlab)) so that I’ll eventually simply have 1 place that has all of the software I use and scripts I run, so that should I ever update or change computers/distros, I know what I have installed!


I noticed I had been closing my posts with Until Next Time… and I was fine with that, until I noticed that John Somnez ( did the same, and I realized that is where I had gotten it from… Not that I mind doing that, and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if I did the same (although maybe he would… I didn’t ask) but I figured I wanted to come up with my own… Also, I had realized that I had started to title my posts with a lyrics or a song title, but decided to not do that, as I wanted the post title to mean more to new visitors (as well as analytics and such for future concerns), so I decided that I’ll close my posts with a song title!!!

We Said Hello Goodbye – Phil Collins

Never B Flat, Sometimes B Sharp, Always B Natural