Starting to learn python…

So, since the tag line of my blog is “Music, Coding, Life, Learning & Linux”… I figure I’ll cover 3 of those topics with this… my learning to code in Python… On Linux!

I’m using Michael Kennedy’s “Explore Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps” (linked here!)

The 10 apps are:
Hello (you Pythonic) World
Guess that number game
Birthday countdown
Journal app and file I/O
Real-time weather client
LOLCat Factory App
Wizard Battle App
File Searcher App
Real Estate Analysis App

First, I really like this learning program… ┬áMichael does a nice job of explaining things in easy chunks… and no, this is not an advertisement for the course, it’s just the course I chose when deciding to learn python (since I listen to his Talk Python to Me podcast)…

I’m currently through Real-time weather client, which is nice app, and uses web-scraping to pull information about the weather from a given location, and then pulling said information out of the ‘web-page’…


I found that really interesting, as one of the mini-programming projects I have wanted to do is pulling author story info from different fan sites to see if any of my favorite fan authors have written any new stories… So that is one of the first projects I’ll be writing about on here…

I don’t want to discuss the course too much, as it’s a paid course, and I don’t want to give away anything that I don’t have permission to give away, but I’ll probably be turning a lot of what I learn in this course and others into my own personal apps for my own needs, and those I’ll discuss and put on GitHub for anyone to peruse!

I’m also planning on discussing my FreeCodeCamp experience with Javascript (although I’ve been a JS programmer for a couple of years now, I want to write about the experience from start to finish), and also discussing my take on Project Euler and other coding challenges, my takes on my solutions and such…

Until next time!